If you are interested in balance training then a rocker board may be exactly what you need. Other balance trainers on the market are smaller and can be just a little difficult to get the hang of. Rocker boards have a much wider deck and they are much more stable. The good thing about this is that it means they are great for beginners or seniors. If you are already using a balance trainer then this one would more than likely be way to easy for you.

Rocker boards feature a large deck that you stand on. The bottom half of the deck will have one or two rockers. These rockers are what makes the whole thing work. By making the bottom surface uneven, you have to try and balance the deck. It’s not hard and it has some huge benefits.

Balancing uses a whole group of muscles at once. Training one of these exercise tools can strengthen and tone all of these muscles. You can really tone your abs, thighs and butt all with one workout. Using all of these muscles at once is also a great way to improve your coordination.

Want to lose a few pounds? Using one is a great way to do it. You will not even realize that you are working and soon the weight will drop quickly.

One of the greatest benefits of using a balance trainer is quicker healing of injured joints, feet and ankles. Doctors are seeing speedy recovery among patients that regularly use a rocker board as part of their physical therapy. It will allow you to quickly rebuild muscles in your lower extremities and you will heal much faster.

With so many great benefits you would think that a rocker board would cost a lot, but they do not. They are one of if not the most affordable piece of equipment anyone can add to their exercise routine.