You can go to the gym and tone that body by working on the treadmill or by lifting weights. But now, you can get the same results with Swiss ball training.

The training involves the use of a large ball. It is also known in the fitness world as an exercise or stability ball and when filled with air, could weigh from 600 to 700 pounds.

The reason why it is called a Swiss ball is because it was successfully used by a Swiss doctor in rehabilitation therapy. He discovered that this creates instability in the person forcing the patient’s muscles to compensate and find balance.

As with all exercises, the training forces the body to go through a wide range of movements thereby activating your muscle fibers and bringing intensity to the workout. In order to keep the ball still, the various muscles in your midsection will exert effort.

You get the most out of the training by using the size appropriate to your height. This is available from 45cm to 75cm in diameter that is surely available at the gym while there are sporting goods store that sell this so you can also do this exercise at home.

Before you get into the training, it is best to consult a doctor. The elderly, those who are injured and women who are pregnant should not try it without personal instruction and care.

Just like any other exercise, it is best to warm up before exercise ball training will commence and cool down when the session is over.

The training if done correctly can help strengthen abdominal muscles by directly targeting them. This is because the muscles involved in the exercise are the ones that will work to stabilize and support the body thus also developing core strength.

As a result, your motor reflexes will be enhanced as all the muscle groups are forced to function while still keeping balance intact. You will also build up your endurance especially in the parts of the body where you once thought had no muscle which eliminates all sorts of back aches and strains.

Swiss ball training also helps promote weight loss by lowering the abdominal fats. Since you only work out for an hour in the gym or at home, the only way to continue is to maintain a proper diet.