Do you know the difference between cardio and aerobic exercise? I have had people asking me this question, so I know that are a few people out there who may be confused with these terms.

The Meaning Of Cardio And Aerobic Exercise

In general, cardio exercise refers to any exercise that can help improve the strength our our cardiovascular system. On the other hand, aerobic exercise usually refers to exercise that helps improve our oxygen system. The word aerobic literally means with presence of oxygen.

The Terms Can Be Used Interchangeably

However, both aerobic and cardio exercise satisfy both functions. Meaning, doing a cardio exercise can not only help strengthen the cardiovascular system but also improve our oxygen. And when one performs an aerobic exercise, one can improve their cardiovascular system as well. Hence, these terms can be used interchangeably.

Both cardio and aerobic exercise usually uses our large muscles like the legs and normally in a rhythmic fashion. For instance, walking, running, cycling, stair climbing, jumping, rowing and swimming can all be referred to as aerobic or cardio exercise. 

Improving Your Fitness Level With Cardio And Aerobic Exercise

Normally, people who are ‘fit’, or in other words, people who have a better cardio-respiratory fitness have fewer problems with their heart than people who are less fit.

With that you should improve your cardio or aerobic fitness by challenging yourself instead of doing the very same workout every time. Increase the level of your exercise machines and try to work hard for 2 to 3 minutes straight and then recover slowly for the time.

Do this a couple of times for every of your workout sessions or at least twice a week and you can be sure that your aerobic/cardio fitness will improve significantly.