The Flex Shaper Workout – Hot Or Not?

As a personal trainer I’m always being asked by clients about the best way to tone their shoulders, arms, back and chest so that they can get shaped muscle definition, tighten sagging flesh around the upper arms and have beautiful shoulders to show off in strappy tops. Up till now I have always talked about […]

Are You Overtraining Your Stomach muscles?

Most bodybuilders are striving for the considerably-coveted “6-pack” ab seem.  As a consequence, they commit more notice to training their stomach region.  However, in their zeal to attain the 6-pack search, some bodybuilders overtrain their belly muscle groups.   Bodybuilders can overtrain their ab muscular tissues just as they can their other bodypart muscular tissues.  A […]

Most Effective Ab Exercises On The Planet

For those who have already tried losing weight or are trying to keep their body in top shape, they all know that the process is not that easy. However, nothing can be impossible given one’s determination, gigantic will power, and of course, iron discipline. In fact, it will not be that difficult at all if […]

Captain’s Chair Ab Workout – Alternative Exercise Method

The Captain’s Chair workout is rated as one of the most effective and best ab exercises by a study conducted at the Biomechanics Lab at the San Diego State University. Even though it is a relatively easy exercise to learn and do, not everyone has access to a Captain’s Chair or Power Tower device. However, […]